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Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

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If you've ever driven a Model Y on a sunny day, you know that the glass roof can be uncomfortable. Especially in summer, direct sunlight can heat the cabin quickly, making it painful to sit in. That's where custom glass roof sunshades come in. 

NOTE: We offer both integral and split options. They have the same shading effect. In comparison, the advantage of the split type is that it is easy to install and does not sag.


  • Custom Design: Custom Glass Roof Sunshade for the 2019 - 2023 Tesla Model Y.

  • Reduce Sunscreen Use: Reduces solar rays by 98%, reducing cabin heat.

  • Easy to Install: Attach it to the inside of the Model Y glass roof using the clips provided; no tools are required.

  • Easy to Carry: Once removed, the glass visor can be folded and stored in the included pouch to save space.

  • Sunshade Combination: Made of lightweight mesh fabric and foldable steel with silver-plated sunscreen, the design is a perfect fit.


2021 -2023 Tesla Model Y


Front and rear sun visors × 1
Optional black vinyl cloth front and rear × 1
Clip × 10
Storage bag × 1


Q: Which side faces out?

A: The shiny, reflective side faces out.

Q: Does the sunshade block UV rays?

A: The Model Y glass roof visor already blocks 98% of UV rays, preventing UV rays from penetrating and damaging dashboards, electronics, and upholstery, and it can cool the Model Y by up to 40%.

Q: Once installed on the roof, are the shades retractable?

A: No, they're not retractable, so you could remove them and store them in the trunk, as they're a mesh fabric. It's hot here in CA, and this help keep the sun out and the inside temp lower.

Q: Will the shade collapse easily from the wind when windows are opened?

A: They don't collapse. They are clipped on well and don't move.

Q: Does the middle of the roof shade sag?

A: The sunshade is firmly secured with six buckles, unlikely to sag.


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Installation and Use


Reduce Cabin Heat by 40%

● Blocks and filters 98% of UV rays

● Effectively reducing cabin heat by more than 40%

● It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the car can be disassembled and assembled in winter to improve the temperature inside the car.


Durable Material

● UV-resistant silver coating

● Lightweight mesh fabric for durability

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Does Not Fit!!!

Seems metal frame is to long and sides will cave in. Front and back fit is good. See pictures

Does Not Fit!!

As the metal frame seems to be too long, the sides cave in. See pictures.

Perfect for the 2022 Model Y!

This sunshade is perfect for the 2022 Model Y. It blocks enough sunlight, great for reducing glare and heat buildup inside your car during summer. It makes the car more comfortable and enjoyable to drive.

It really looks like it was made for a car. It fits the glass roof perfectly and does not block the view.

Carol Helfer
Highly recommended

I use it for my Tesla MYLR. It reduces the heat and glare from the glass roof significantly. I noticed an amazing difference in the temperature and brightness inside the car, especially on sunny days. This is an excellent product.

Excellent product

Everything fit and installed like the included instructions. No drilling.

Best Seller