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Tesla Center Console USB Hub

Tesla Center Console USB Hub

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The Teslausb HUB perfectly matches the 2021 to 2023 Model 3 and Model Y center console. It has two USB-A ports and a Type-C port that supports 27W fast charging, both supporting data transfer. The USB HUB is waterproof and has an auto-off light, one of the most Tesla-inspired accessories.


  • Model Y and Model 3 USB Ports:Designed for the 2021 to 2023 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 dual type-c center consoles. For the 2022 2023 Model Y and Model 3 center console with no data transfer configuration, the HUB will enable charging but no data transfer.

  • Triple USB:All Type-C and USB ports support power and data transfer. Type-C supports 27W fast charging, and USB supports 7.5W charging.

  • Sentry Mode USB:On the 2021 Model 3 Model Y, USB-A can read and store Sentinel Mode USB sticks, which can be used to read and store sensitive data.

  • USB Port with LED Lighting:Provides light and helps you find things on the center console, the teslausb LED lights automatically turn off after two minutes.

  • Waterproof Tesla USB Port:With its own lid, even if your coffee spills, it won't damage the electronics.

  • Tesla-Style:The Tesla USB Port is a perfect match for the Model 3 and Model Y center consoles.


Name:Tesla USB Hub
Voltage: 3.7V
USB - A-1:Data transfer / 1.5 A (MAX)
USB - A-2:Data transfer / 1.5 A (MAX)
TYPE - C:Does not data transfer / 27 W (MAX)

Packing List

Tesla USB Hub × 1
User Manual × 1


Fits 2021 and 2023 Tesla Model 3 Model Y(Dual TYPE-C)

For the 2022 2023 Model 3/Y center console configured charging functionality without data transmission, the HUB will enable charging functionality but no data transmission.


Q: Will it fit the latest 2023 Tesla Model Y and Model 3?

A: It supports the latest Tesla Model Y and Model 3 models. We are constantly updating it to accommodate the latest Teslas.

Q: Can I still put an organizer tray in the center console?

A: Even with this USB hub installed, you can still have an organizer tray in your small room, and organizers are still available.

Q: Plug in the hub to turn on the light; why doesn't the light go out when the lid is closed?

A: An LED light switch on the side of the Tesla Hub can be controlled independently and automatically turned off after two minutes of inactivity to save energy.

Q: 2022 2023, Tesla no longer has data for these ports?

A: The 2021 Tesla has a USB port for listening to music, and the 2022 2023 model can only be charged with a USB port for listening to music. 

Check out this Glove Box USB Hub if you need a USB hub with data.


Tesla Center Console USB Hub Manual:Click Here


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Install and Use


The Closest USB HUB to the Original Tesla

● For 2021-2023, refresh consoles

● Perfectly matches the original interior

● Keep the console neat and clean

● Port locations are easy to plug and unplug


Unique Waterproof Cover

● The same opening and closing feel as the model series

● Never worry about spilling coffee on your USB HUB anymore.


Triple USB HUB

● 27W Type-C fast charging

● 3 ports for simultaneous charging

● With these two USB data interfaces, you can play games with the co-pilot (Only 2021)


Light and Fit

● The sturdy dual USB-C won't drop at the touch.

● Cables fit snugly to the center console without protruding


Box Contains

① 1*Tesla USB HUB

② 1*User Manual

③ 36 Months Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Poor service

I’ve ordred one since last December and still didn’t receive my order and they didn’t even ship it and what makes me upset when you send them an email they don’t reply

adam thompson
Never sent usb hub

Hi I never received my usb hun and after numerous try’s at contacting not a single reply

Sanjay Nakum
it is not working. i need my refund.

it is not working in my 2022 tesla model 3. i need my refund.

Scot Matson
Looks and works great!

This is an excellent product for my Tesla. It matches the console material perfectly and looks like it came with the car. It is easy to install and has a sliding door that hides the plug. It adds functionality and style to my car. I love it!

C davis
Perfect match

Perfect match for Tesla Model Y 2023. Fits great, easy to install.