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Cup Holder Insert with Hub

Cup Holder Insert with Hub

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When connecting the cable from the Tesla center console Type-C, rough lines prevent the lid from closing completely. Tesla hub cup holders solve this problem. The lines flow gracefully through the holes without compromising the closure of the top. Extra cup holders add practicality, too - no more spilled coffee.


  • Leaving Openings for Cables: Maintain the Tesla interior's overall feel when working with cables.

  • Tesla Key Card is Here: Clip your Tesla ID Card between the cup holder and faceplate for quick access anytime.

  • Easy to Clean: You can easily clean the waterproof cup holder with a damp cloth.

  • Anti-Slip: The rubber base prevents the cup holder from slipping or sliding, keeping your cup securely in place.


Name:Cup Holder Insert with Hub
Material:Silica gel
Package Dimensions:7.5 x 5.9 x 2.9in

Packing List

Cup Holder Insert with Hub × 1


Compatible with all Model 3 and Model Y consoles


Q: Does it have the power and data capabilities of a hub?
A: No, it's just a perfect Tesla cup holder with two cable channels.

Q: Can he hold snacks?
A: Yes, the hub cup holders are easy to clean, and you can place whatever you want.

Q: Does this fit the 2023 Tesla Model Y?
Perfect for the 2023 Tesla Y as there are no changes from 2022 to 2023.

Q: Does this tray cover the usb-c plugs?
The tray is shallow enough that it does not block the 2 USB-C jacks that are in the front wall of the compartment.

Q: What's the use of this thing?
Great accessories. It can prevent your cup from shaking or liquid spilled.


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Keeps tidy, great OEM color-match

It keeps things tidy and does not interfere with front-bin storage shelves. When you do use an outlet, the excess cable is not tidy -- which is the whole point!With this, you never have to worry about an outlet failure, because individual cables are easily replaced.

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