Where to Mount Phone on Tesla Model Y/3 ?

Several options exist for installing a phone mount in a Tesla. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Mobile phone holder on Tesla steering wheel: This option may not be ideal because it can be hard to see the screen clearly due to your sitting posture and phone size.


2. Suction cup phone holder on Tesla windshield: This option can be bulky and potentially block your view while driving.


3. Mobile phone holder attached to the back of Tesla central control screen iPad using 3M glue: This is a convenient option that doesn't take up any extra space. However, there may be better options for those who don't like using glue.


4. Tesla Cup phone holder: This option may not be ideal because it takes up your cup holder space and looks ugly.


5. Mobile phone holder near the air outlet of the center console on the driver's side: This option may block the air conditioner and make driving uncomfortable, especially during the hot summer months.


Overall, your best option may depend on your preferences and needs. However, attaching a mobile phone holder to the back of the central control screen iPad using 3M glue is a great solution that is convenient and space-saving.

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