Best Places to Mount a Phone Mount in a Tesla


As a Tesla Model Y owner, I always find myself looking for ways to optimize my driving experience. One thing that has always bothered me is where to mount my phone mount. After trying different positions, I found that the best part is to install the phone holder with 3M glue on the back of the central control screen. The reasons are as follows:


Why I recommend using a 3M glue phone holder on the back of the central control screen:

Using 3M glue to install the mobile phone bracket on the back of the central control screen has the following advantages:

 1. Convenience: The mobile phone holder is within reach, the line of sight does not shift, and it is easy to use.

 2. Space-saving: This location doesn't take up extra space on your Tesla or block any sight lines.

 3. Stability: 3M glue provides firm support to prevent your phone from falling or shaking during driving.

 4. Aesthetics: This location offers a sleek and clean look without the bulk of other sites.

In conclusion:

 Although the location of the phone holder in the Tesla is different, I strongly recommend using 3M glue to install it on the back of the center console screen. It combines convenience, space-saving, stability, and aesthetics. I recommend this Tesla phone mount and see how it can enhance your driving experience.

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